Location & Hours

The Olive Branch Arts Council Office

Located at:
The Painted Pigeon Art Gallery
(9144 Pigeon Roost, Old Towne, Olive Branch)

Open: Thursday - Saturday
(12pm - 4pm)

Personalized Paving Stones

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OB License Plate

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The Olive Branch Arts Council has played an important part in the city’s cultural development since 1998.  It began under the “umbrella” of the City of Olive Branch with the full support of the Mayor and Board of Alderman sponsored in part by a grant from the Mississippi Arts Commission.

Each year, the Arts Council plans the activities and events. We create new projects that will continue to reach out to all interest of all ages. We hope you will be a part of exciting experiences that lay ahead.

Jan Wade - Hernando, MS


Thursday After Hours Social Gathering

April 16, 2015
6:00 – 8:00pm
9144 Pigeon Roost
Old Towne, Olive Branch

For more information, contact
Dena Richardson- 901-619-0261